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Design and Install

Why Choose Us?

Each system we install is completely unique, no two systems are the same. Our team will spend time with you listening to your needs, gather site information and make several considerations before recommending the system that is right for you. Our team has years of field experience designing and installing irrigation systems including commercial applications, athletic fields, golf courses, and residential properties. Quality is important to us. We use the top performing brands in the industry to ensure long lasting results and we always use and educate the customer about the latest technology to provide options.

  •  We design systems with expansion or changing needs in mind. All of our designs are easily adapted to expanding needs.

  •  We use top brands like Hunter, RainBird and Sta-Rite.

  •  We pay attention to the details like property lines, water pressure/source, zone needs and landscape design.

  •  We are innovative. We love a challenged and unique needs. We can find a solution to almost any need you have.

Design Process

When we first talk with you we usually begin with questions to assess your needs. Once we have a general understanding we visit your property to begin the design.

  • First our designer will measure and assess the site including details like types of plantings, soil types, sun exposure, water source, intended usage, customer goals, etc. These are important variables to determine proper zoning. Improper zoning can lead to waterlogged or dry areas in a design.

  • Second, our designer needs to determine the water source and water pressure. Both the source and pressure are important factors to achieving the correct and requested coverage.

  • Next, our designer determines the type of sprinkler heads and placement to ensure proper coverage. Most designs include RainBird heads for spray and Netafim for drip irrigation.

  • Last, we discuss the irrigation clock. We use Hunter clocks; we find these to be the most user friendly for the customer.

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