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Evaluation & Redesign

Site Evaluation

At Sundown Irrigation we understand the landscape of a property is always growing and changing. Sometimes the irrigation system needs alterations due to trees providing more shade, expanding or decreasing the amount of grass, installing a summer garden for fresh produce or maybe you have a new birdbath you would like filled. We can do it all. Let us come out and evaluate your system for free. Once evaluated will walk through our recommendations and estimate. 

  • We check for improper zone placement and sprinkler head placement.

  • We evaluate sun exposure vs shade.

  • We check the amount of time watering zones, time of day and frequency.

  • We check valves and solenoids.

Upgrade Your System

At Sundown Irrigation we are passionate and informed about the industry. We stay up to date on all the latest trends and system upgrades.  Let us streamline your system today! 

  • Our number one request is an upgraded wi-fi capable irrigation clock. Download the app and check on your system from your smart phone.

  • We can convert irrigation to drip irrigation to suit different needs.

  • We can add zones or sprinkler heads.

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