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Irrigation Maintenance

Maintenance and Repair

We will repair ANY system! At Sundown Irrigation we will maintain and repair a system we have designed or another company. We can offer solutions that work with your current equipment and make repairs to get your system up and running again. ​

  • We check the system clock, zones, sprinkler heads and rain sensors.

  • We evaluate any leaks, valve issues or any customer concerns.

  • We will offer an on-site estimate to repair the equipment and offer any future solutions or recommendations.

Irrigation Start-Ups

  • W​e schedule these between the end of April to mid May, weather dependent.

  • We check all sprinkler heads and replace any broken from winter snow removal.​

  • We evaluate the water pressure and coverage in each zone to make sure everything is working properly.

  • We check the lines for leaks and watch for wet spots or any enlarged areas.


  • W​e schedule these from September 1 through October 31; weather dependent.

  • We use compressed air to evacuate all water from the system.

  • At this time we make note of any repairs necessary and schedule a follow up for the following spring.

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